Responsible for data protection and privacy

The responsible entity from the perspective of the EU privacy law and national privacy laws of the member states and other privacy related regulations is:

Grobmeier Solutions GmbH
GF: Christian Grobmeier
Viktor-von-Scheffel-Str. 7
86853 Langerringen

Phone: 49 81913318186

Privacy officer

The GPDR currently does not require us to name a privacy officer. For that reason the CEO of the company is responsible. You can contact the CEO under the address mentioned above.

General aspects

Extend of processing of personal data

Wir only process personal data, when it is required to serve our website, our services or other content. Personal data will only be processed when the user agreed to it. An exception will be made if a consent could not be given in advance and the law allows processing in this case.

Deletion of data and storage duration

Personal data will be deleted or access denied, when there is no reason to store it anymore. It can still be stored, when the law requires us to.

In example we will delete your data from our app services. If we sent you an invoice, we are required to keep the invoicing data as long as the law requires us to.

Serving our websites

Description and extend of data procession

We don't use any analytics tool like Google Analytics. Since we don't analyse, we don't collect data and can't know how we can improve our websites. We are gladly taking any suggestion from you.

In some cases we create logfiles which contain your IP address. Also we we log what files you have reqested from us. An example of what we log can be found on Amazons websites: Link.

We delete logfiles on a regular basis. Data will not be given to third parties.

We don't store log data together with other personal data of the user.

Reasons for processing this data

We use the IP address of the user to send websites and content to the users. Information about it is stored to avoid abuse of others, find problems and improve our service in general.

How long do we store log data

Your data will be stored for two weeks. When your session was endet, no more data will be collected. After two weeks, your data will either be deleted or anonymized.

Dissent and removal

We need to write log files to provide our service. There is no possibility for dissent and we cannot remove your data. If there is an urgent matter in this case, please send us a message to

Use of cookies

We don't use any cookies.


Description and extend of data procession

We send newsletters to our users when they subscribed to it. Newsletters are free of charge. We use the service "Mailchimp". For subscription we forward to the web pages of Mailchimp. You can read the privacy statement of Mailchimp here: Link.

To send you messages, we will ask for your e-mail address. In some cases we also ask for your name, but the response is not mandatory to receive the news.

Reasons for processing

Your data will be used to send newsletters to you.

Duration of storage

We will delete your data, when we don't have any more reasons to store it. Your email address will be stored as long as you wish to be a subscriber to our newsletter.

Dissent and removal

The subscription can be cancelled at any time. In every newsletter is a link which can be used for that.

Coaching Sessions

Description and extend of data procession

We offer coaching sessions. To plan these session accordingly, we use "Acuity Scheduling". We also use this service to process payments. When the session was successfully completed, we move the data to our bookkeeping where it will remain as long as the law requires us. Data will be removed from Acuity Scheduling afterwards.

Use of Acuity is optional. You can always reach out to us directly.

Reasons for processing

We collect the data to plan a meeting with our users.

Duration of storage

The data will be removed when we don't need them. When invoices were created, we keep those as long as the law requires us to keep it.

Rights of the affected person

Right for disclosure

You can ask for a confirmation if we store any personal data of yours. If we do, you can ask for further information:

You also have the right for disclosure to whom we send your data (organisations and third countries).

Right for correction

You have the right to get your data corrected if it is wrong or not complete. The correction will be done as soon as possible.

Right for deletion

You can ask for the deletion of your data.

Right for complaints to regulators

You have the right to complain to regulators if you are in the opinion we process data of yours illegally. The regulators will keep you informed about your case.

Services we are using

As you ahve the right to learn where your data might end up we compiled you a list of software we are using in our business.

We use: