Trainings can be booked on-site in your classrooms or in our classrooms in Landsberg am Lech (Germany) or Munich (Germany). For groups starting with 5 participants there are options to book private classes.

Java for mere mortals

Java for mere mortals

Java is one of the most used languages in the developer community. Become part of it. This training helps you to understand how Java works and gives you some essential skills to start with your journey to become a professionial developer.

Requirement skills: Some basic programming knowledge, such as knowing what a loop or if/else is.

5 days on site training is recommended. After the training practicing your new skills in a junior friendly environment is recommended.

Hardcore Java: OCA Preparation

Hardcore Java: OCA Preparation

One week full of OCA preparation: we are discussing all contents of the OCA. Expect a tough experience which makes your brain melt.

Requirement skills: Some experience with Java, knowledge of Eclipse or IntelliJ.

5 days on site training is recommended. After the training it is recommended to at least practice one more week parttime before taking the exam.

Spring Boot for mere mortals

Spring Boot for mere mortals

Spring is an awesome framework to build web applications. Let's come together and build something fun - you won't recognize how easily you understand dependency injection and aspects.

Requirement skills: Good command of Java syntax, Eclipse or IntelliJ

5 days on site training is recommended. Have fun afterwards.

The mouse principle

The following trainings are available only on specific dates. All trainings are public, at a low cost only for one aim. Everybody is welcome: this is not for technical people, this is for ever person trying to make a computer work.

What is the mouse principle?

In Germany, there is a popular TV show for kids, explaining science and other interesting facts. The makers call their principle the "mouse principle", since the hero of the show is a big, orange mouse. In their spirit these trainings are held. Making complex technology accessible to everybody.

Currently there are no dates.

Online courses

Coming soon - stay tuned.

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