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Dive into coding with our expert-led trainings tailored for beginners and intermediate programmers. We start from the ground up, ensuring no prior knowledge is required. Transition from passive learning to an active, coaching-style journey, where each session is an opportunity for hands-on exploration and real-world application.

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Christian Grobmeier



With a coding journey that began in 1998, I've navigated through the evolution of technology, from Java to JavaScript, leading teams and building solutions across the spectrum of software development. Since 2017, my mission has been to demystify coding for beginners and intermediate programmers alike, making the thrill of programming accessible to all.

I haven't forgotten my own beginnings, fraught with challenges and steep learning curves. It's these early struggles that fuel my commitment to ensuring your coding journey is supported, understood, and enriched by real-world experience and genuine empathy.

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Your path to coding mastery is unique, and I'm here to guide you with patience, encouragement, and insights drawn from decades in the field. Whether you're coding your first line or looking to deepen your skills, let's navigate this journey together.

My trainings are open to anyone, no matter your background, or experience level. No matter what ethnicity, gender, or religion, you are welcome.

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