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Founded by software developer, project manager and entrepreneur Christian Grobmeier, supports entrepreneurs, developers and developer-teams alike by providing guidance, honest/open feedback and research.

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A professional software developer since 1998, Christian Grobmeier has worked across a number of industries and has led several developer teams.

He has experience running high-scale businesses and working with different technologies, including AWS, open source software, Java, JavaScript, PHP and web/mobile applications.

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We believe in business partnerships should be built on trust. We don’t share any information about your project with anyone.

Christian is a very strong technical architect as well as developer. He has a great insight into technology and I have seldom seen anyone which such a good ability to deliver best results in a very short timeframe. His personal engagement in leveraging technology is a great asset. It was a great pleasure working with Christian and I would always be more than happy to work with him.

Christian is a consummate professional. Our project was a big challenge as we were under a tight deadline, in addition to having to deal with modifications on the fly. Yet even with all the frustrations inherent in the process Christian always met the challenges with 100 percent positive attitude.

Christian is a highly skilled and very passionate software engineer and methodologist. While others focus too much on details, he will keep the whole picture in mind. He is highly skilled in building and maintaining a community. He has done awesome and very passionate work in OSS technical and cultural development at the Apache Software Foundation. Working with him was (and is) really big fun!

What We Offer

We advise and you lead. Here are some of the services we currently offer:

Technical Feedback

We can provide detailed technical feedback on product ideas or products in the MVP stage.

Individual Infrastructure

We’ll help you find the infrastructure solution that makes the most sense for your product and budget.

Building a technical team

We can assist you to build out your team by screening and interviewing developer candidates.

Tips on launching an internet-based business

We'll help you select providers/tools and can give guidance on anything from launching a podcast to building a website quickly.

Code base and contractor audit

We can help you audit your code base and offer recommendations for working with contractors to ensure you're receiving quality work and are paying a fair rate.

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